Leaders as visioners, hope peddlers, and capital creators


Especially in challenging times like the one we are living in; economic independence and innovation has to be foremost in the thinking of leaders-whether it be companies or countries, this is the time for innovative disruption. Life and businesses have been totally and, sometimes, fatally disrupted, but as a nation we are embarking on projects and making decisions for which this generation will not want to be linked in 10 years’ time.

Nigeria, for a long time, has lived off the inherent capabilities of her people, endowments, and intellectual desire. We are now firmly at the crossroads where the country will either rise by the genuineness and innovative nature of enterprises birthed or it will once again fall into the trap of colonisation-this time more economic than political.

Someone said Nigeria has everything to succeed yet the country has not delivered success. The reasons are not far-fetched. There’s one key ingredient we lack (appropriate value system), and that key ingredient suffices to make everything that we believe and boast of to collapse like a pack of cards. Economics makes us understand that production has four key ingredients: land, labour, capital, and entrepreneurship.

When we look at these ingredients, two of them are very similar-labour and entrepreneur. Both are of the human species. The only way to differentiate is in their behaviour. While entrepreneurs take the leadership position. They give direction, create the values or the value system that governs the organization. The entrepreneur is the vision caster, who lays down the framework and paints the picture of the journey and the destination.

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