Technology as a national strategy in Nigeria


If Nigeria decides to base the National Strategy on the production of gas because, we know, oil is dwindling and dying, then we can create an eco-system around gas production.

That ecosystem will be driven totally by technology. We can create lots of intellectual property around it from the extraction to everything; to the transportation by pipelines, monitoring it and all the likes using the software specifically designed and implemented.

The caveat here is that there has to be that desire for development, as understood by economists.

There is a dichotomy between growth and development. One can factually state that the economy is growing and there is no development. An economy growing without development can be liken to a tree with a lot of leaves but no fruits. When we have real growth, we expect to see development.

If we want to see development, we have to ensure that the intellectual property and the associated services around the ecosystem are driven and owned by Nigerians. That way, we can fully internalize the wealth that we create in that regard.

Even if we decide we want to do agriculture, we could use a lot of Agritech that’s homegrown, home-maintained, and that works for us.

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